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MAINS Module - 2017

CourseSubjectNumber of ClassesTotal  AmountDaysTime
Course1World History + Post-Independence Consolidation156,000/-Monday & Tuesday02:30pm to 05:00pm
Course2Modern India + Culture + Geography125,000/-Monday & Tuesday02:30pm to 05:00pm
Course3Polity + Society + Governance (Current Affairs)156,000/-Wednesday05:30pm to 08:00pm
Course4 International Relations (Current Affairs)104,000/-Thursday05:30pm to 08:00pm
Course5Economy (Current Affairs)104,000/-Wednesday02:30pm to 05:00pm
Course6Internal Security + Disaster Management 104,000/-Tuesday05:30pm to 08:00pm
Course7Science & Tech + Environment (Current Affairs)104,000/-Thursday02:30pm to 05:00pm
Course8Ethics187,500/-Monday05:30pm to 08:00pm
Course 9Essay (12 Classes + 8 Tests)126,000/-Friday & Saturday10:30am to 01:00pm


MAINS Course - 2017

CourseSubjectNumber of ClassesTotal  AmountDaysTime
Course 10GS (Main) Full Course10030,000/-Monday To Thursday02:30pm to 08:00pm
Course 11GS (Main) – Module “A” (New Syllabus)5518,000/-Monday & Tuesday02:30pm to 08:00pm
Course 12GS (Main) – Module “B” (Current Affairs)4515,000/-Wednesday & Thursday02:30pm to 08:00pm
Course 13Module “A” + GS (Main) Test Batch-23,000/-Monday & Tuesday02:30pm to 08:00pm
Course 14Module “B” + GS (Main) Test Batch-20,000/-Wednesday & Thursday02:30pm to 08:00pm
Course 15GS (Main) Test Batch 22 Tests10,000/-*Sunday07:30am to 01:30pm
Course 16Optional – Sociology-28,000/-Monday To Thursday11:30am to 01:45pm
Course 17Optional – History-25,000/-Monday To Thursday11:30am to 01:45pm
Course 18Optional - Sociology (Test Batch)12 Tests7,000/-*Friday07:30am to 01:30 pm
Course 19Optional - History (Test Batch)12 Tests5,000/-*Friday10:30am to 04:00 pm

Module “A”

  • World History
  • Post-Independence
  • Modern History
  • Art and Culture
  • Geography
  • Internal Security
  • Disaster Management
  • Ethics

Module “B”

  • Society
  • Polity
  • International Relations
  • Governance
  • Economics
  • Environment
  • Science & Technology


  • Admissions will be based on First Come First Serve Basis.
  • Fee can be paid in Cash (or) Card Payment (or) Cheque (or) Demand Draft in favour of SMART LEADERS IAS payable at CHENNAI.
  • Two recent passport size photographs to be submitted at the time of admission.
  • Fee once paid cannot be REFUNDED under any circumstances.
  • *Fee Discount available for SMART students.

Contact: 044-43525468, 9176787980, 7200010122.