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Simplifying Sociology
Dear Aspirants,
I am delighted to see you preparing for UPSC Main Examination with Sociology as
your optional.
This subject sociology is not just to make you a Civil Servant but also a social conscious
Civil Servant.
Today we can see the changing nature of the society and the challenges associated
with it. Since you are the driver of the future society your knowledge about society would
enhance your service to the larger society.
In the near future, you will be placed in pivotal positions in the Indian Administrative
Services. Your knowledge about society would make your services truly meaningful for the
progress of our nation.
My humble suggestion to score well in Sociology is that you first follow these seven

How to read
• Memorise the UPSC Sociology Syllabus word by word. This would help you capture
the Current Affairs having sociological relevance.

• Read the chapters given in our sociology book and make synopsis (Don’t rewrite the
entire content as you have already one in the form of our Sociology book).

• Whenever you see any content in the daily newspaper related to sociology syllabus,
write the gist of that in the appropriate place in the synopsis. For instance, say you
read any current affairs related to feminism, go to Unit 9 - Family and write the gist
of that near the synopsis of patriarchy.

How to write
• Contemplate the answer mentally first.
• Write the rough framework/skeleton of the answer
• Then attempt a full-fledged answer strictly following the time limit. For instance,
write short notes in 10 minutes and long answer in 20 minutes.

• Now take our Sociology book, see the relevant topic related to question and cross
check your answer. You will now know what you have missed. This would make
your answer freely flow like a river water when you write the real UPSC Sociology
All the Best
Hoping for your success in this attempt itself.

Founder Director
Smart Leaders IAS)