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Dear Aspirants,
Nothing gives me more happiness than addressing you. I hope you have enjoyed our
recent book on Economy (Economy 360°). Here again, we are introducing a book on Modern Indian
It would not be entirely correct to call this work a book because it is a compilation of the
crucial points taken from Modern Indian NCERTs. So, in real sense, this book is a gist of Modern
Indian NCERTs.
The revision of important points in the NCERTs is highly crucial for success in competitive
examinations. A fast revision of NCERT makes the difference between success and failure in
the exam. We believe this book will serve the purpose.
This edition includes the basic chronology of Modern India, NCERT Gist and basic facts
added as annexure.
I take this opportunity to thank my friend and partner, Mr. S. Sivarajavel who had
encouraged and supported me in this endeavour.
I also thank Ms. C. Nivetha and the content team for their contribution.
Hope you enjoy reading this book. All the very best!