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We take immense pleasure in introducing our new book on Map based questions for History Optional Students.

History is the mirror of past and an indicator for the future. Apart from the significance of the subject, History is crucial for Civil Services Aspirants. There has been increasing interest among aspirants to opt for History Optional in the Main examination. The main reason behind this interest is the scoring ability in History.

Map based questions carry 1/5th of the total marks allotted to Paper-I. Also, Map questions are made compulsory and it makes preparation for Map-based question more crucial. The irony is that map-based questions; despite being a high scoring area can be fatal for underprepared candidates.

In order to harvest the high scoring potential of the Map-based questions in UPSC History Optional, We are releasing this book.  The content of the book includes

  • Frequently asked questions from previous years
  • Solved UPSC History Map – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • Short notes of more than 300 locations
  • An empty grid map for reference

This book is an outcome of the efforts put in by our successful students. Your valuable feedbacks are welcome.