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(Paper - 2)
IIntroducing Indian Society1.3 - 1.42
1Indological (or) Textual Perspective1.5
2G.S. Ghurye1.6
3Structural-Functional Perspective1.13
4M. N. Srinivas1.15
5Marxist Sociology of A. R. Desai1.23
6Impact of Colonial Rule on Indian Society1.27
7Modernisation of Indian Tradition1.32
8Protests and Movements During Colonial Period1.38
9Previous Year Questions1.41
IISocial Structure2.3-2.116
1Village Studies2.8
2Village Studies in India (S.C.Dube)2.11
3M.N. Srinivas on Caste2.14
4Louis Dumont2.18
5Andre Beteille on Caste2.28
6Untouchability - Forms and Perspectives2.32
7Tribal Communities in India2.35
8Tribal Policy2.38
9Agrarian Class Structure2.42
10Industrial Class Structure2.48
11Middle Classes in India2.61
12Systems of Kinship in India Household Dimensions of Family2.64
13Regional Variation of Kinship System in India2.67
14Structure of Family in India2.69
15The Changing Family Structure2.74
16Religious Fundamentalism in India2.85
17The problem of Minorities in in the Contemporary World2.88
18Previous Year Questions2.104
IIISocial changes in India3.3-3.166
1Constitution, Law and Social Change3.3
2Education and Social Change3.6
3Green Revolution and Social Change3.8
4Interpreting Indian Environmentalism: Tactics and Theories3.11
5Industrialization and Urbanisation Migration3.19
6Bonded Labour3.33
7Poverty Alleviation Program (PAP)3.35
8Caste and Politics in India3.38
9Evolution of Political Parties in India3.43
10Was Indian Nationalism Inclusive?3.45
11Social and Political Elites in India3.48
12Democracy in India3.52
13Panchayat Raj System3.57
14Secularisation in India3.60
15Peasant Movements3.64
16Backward Classes Movement3.76
17Dalit Movement3.82
18Ecological Conflicts and the Environmental Movement in India3.85
19Ethnicity and Identity Movements3.91
20Tribal Movements3.93
21Women’s Movements3.97
22Women’s Movements on Women’s Issues3.105
23New social movements3.109
24Population and Family Planning Policy3.120
25Reproductive Health3.124
26Skewed Sex Ratio3.133
27Violence against Women3.147
28Sociology of Communalism in India3.150
29Previous Year Questions3.154


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